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Create new value through Space × IT technology


Development and operation of original Japanese satellite data platform

Tellus is The satellite data platform of Japan to envision “create new value through Space × IT technology”.
We offer satellite data and more to support your business creation.

Tellus Business

Create new value through Space × IT technology

Tellus is satellite data platform originating of Japan. We provide satellite data also environment to creating new businesses.

  • Find satellite data

  • Use satellite data

  • Create a new business

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A world where data can be easily handled by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Tellus is available for the following situations

  • #01 Marketing

    One example is the use case of satellite data to count the number of vehicles in a parking lot to calculate a company's earnings forecast and to use this as an indicator to forecast stock prices.

  • #02 Agricultural, forestry and fishing industries

    Satellite data is used to to predict crop yields, growth conditions, and ripening and harvest timing, as well as to predict harvest timing, thereby providing decision-making support to agricultural productivity and profit.

  • #03 Provide disaster

    A wide range of forests are efficiently observed by satellite, and forest management by classifying tree species, and identifying damage caused by pests and diseases.

  • #04 Research

    The fertility of the land, the amount of reserving oil, and the brightness of the earth at night can be observed from some satellites, the situation and changes can be used to predict crop yields, oil reserves and GDP, etc.